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No guest this week just your boy Erick here talking about the Infinity War Trailer and an alternative script to Justice League.  The second half of the episode is a replay from our first episode. $50 gift card given away listen to the episode for details. Email us at Twitter @wJwtpod Insta= wouldJesuswatchthat and fb at

We start out with our hype surrounding the now released Infinity War trailer, then move to our thoughts on the Fantastic Beasts sequel cast.  We get to our main topic of The Wingfeather Saga books 1(On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness) & 2(North! Or be Eaten).  Spoiler free review up until 0:25:00 Shout out to our recommendation of @NerdofGodcast and their podcast.  Email us at join our facebook group at twitter = @wJwtpod Insta= wouldJesuswatchthat

Happy Thanksgiving! Shawn joins the podcast to discuss if Justice League is good or awful!  Spoilers as usual, beware we do get into flashpoint briefly.  Please share with your friends.  Email the show at follow on twitter @wJwtpod

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FULL SPOILERS AHEAD!!! In this week’s episode we talk about the new massive Star Wars news.  We also tell ya’ll how we feel about season 2 of Stranger Things.  At the end Josh and I talk a little about why we think most Christian movies are bad.  Please follow the podcast on twitter @wJwtpod, facebook at or email us at Rate and reviews are always appreciated!

This week Holly and I review the newest Thor movie.  We also have a huge rumor to discuss to go along with our recommendations and things we are looking forward to. Listen to the episode for details on our $50 gift card giveaway.  Please subscribe to the podcast, follow us on twitter @wJwtpod, join our facebook group at or email at  Rate and Reviews always welcome!

Justin joins us with his thoughts on Zachary Levi as Shazam, Justice League, and a recap of Stranger Things season 1.  We give our thoughts on last year’s big hit and decide if we are excited for season 2 or not.  Please subscribe, download, rate and review.  Join the facebook group at follow on twitter @wJwtpod and email us with your thoughts at Look forward to your thoughts! Also be on the lookout for a giveaway coinciding with the podcast launch!

In episode 4 Shawn and I discuss our thoughts on the blockbuster Horror movie IT, we break down most of the movie and also compare the movie and the 1990 miniseries.  We follow that with our dream castings for the stars of the movie and suggest a few things to check out in entertainment.  Please download, subscribe, rate and review!  Email at join the facebook group at or follow us on twitter @wJwtpod! Be on the lookout for a giveaway to coincide with the podcast launch!

This episode Josh and Justin come and hang out as they are taken back to youthful days dreaming of being a fighter pilot while watching Iron Eagle.  We also take a spoiler free look at The Last Jedi trailer. Rate and Review if you don’t mind. Please feel free to contact the show on Facebook at twitter @wJwtpod, or email us at

In this episode I am joined by my lovely wife Holly and our great friend Lauren!  We discuss live action Disney remakes a little and Harry Potter a lot.  We also discuss why we think Harry Potter is great no matter what your beliefs are and why Christians in particular should love Harry Potter.  Please hit us up on twitter @wJwtpod, email at or facebook at

Welcome to our first episode!  In this show Shawn and Erick will discuss the Disney movie schedule, moviepass, Star Wars both Original Trilogy and Prequels.  We will also recommend a few things you should check out.  Keep an eye out for Dog the Bounty Hunter, Scrooge McDuck, and maybe a cool Luke whiny remix.  Love to hear your feedback @wJwtpod =twitter,, or join the facebook group and discuss other great entertainment